Our Odyssey, Our Project

We are on an odyssey towards disruption. To be different is to be human. We will continue to forge until reality is more than an idea.

Each idea we embark on becomes a project that redefines excellence in innovation. Without a project, we are restless, demanding a challenge to unfold.

Our Founders

Bryce Jurss

Founder and CEO

Jake Dahms

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Smith

Chief Technlogy Officer

Blair Keaton

Chief Financial Officer

Betsy Ferguson

Chief Strategy Officer

Praneeth Munuganti

Chief Data Scientist

What We Do

Artifical Intelligence

AI enables us to utilize technology to develop practical solutions to assist in everyday life making interaction with machines more human.

Machine Learning

Building complex models through Machine Learning algorithms, facilitates the conception of natural language processing and integral analyitcs.

Financial Technology

FinTech provides a platform to unhinge traditional monetary exchange indulging the development of modern ways to pay.