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Text Roy so he can learn from you. The closer of friends you become, the even better Roy will understand you. Text Roy at (323)743-8769.


Roy knows the best places in town! Roy gives suggestions on restuarnts, businesses, products, Best Buy inventory and much more.


Don't know what to wear today? Ask Roy and he will let you know based on weather conditions including temperature, wind speeds, air quality, and humidity.

Additional Public Beta Abilities

Everyday ways Roy can help you.


Ask Roy to find information about movies including Rating, Release Date, Short Description, and more.

"What year did the Hangover come out?"

Find Doctors

Have a headache, anxiety, the flu? Ask Roy to "Find a Doctor" and he will help get one for you. Doctor search by Insurance Network is not avaiable in Public Beta.

"Find me a Doctor"


Roy can convert currencies using real-time conversion rates. Use 3 letter currency codes when asking him such as:

"Convert 5 USD to EUR"


Tell Roy you're bored or ask him what to do today and he will give you some ideas.

"What should I do today?"

Address Search

Don't know where that restuarant or business is? Ask Roy where it is and he will find the address.

"Where is Jimmy John's?"

Trademark Look Up

Have the next great business name? Tell Roy to Trademark search and he will search to the USPTO database to see if the name exists.

"Look up a Trademark"

Excited to start texting Roy?


Make it simple, but significant.

Don Draper

Here is the current progress on the release of Roy Chat features.
Check back for updates on featue launches.





Health Care


No Data, Any SMS Phone

Roy can be reached 24/7 from any SMS enabled device.
You don't need a smart phone or data plan to talk to your new best friend.